6/20/15: Saturday: see schedule below:

Good luck to everyone competing at Rep Your Box 4 today!! If anyone who isn’t competing wants to go and support your fellow members: Jacksonville Ice and Sportsplex 3605 Philips Hwy All day Saturday and Sunday! Check the Southeast Fitness page for heat times for Total Control Teams! CFTC West is closed! Head to the…

6/19/15: Friday

CrossFit Total Control at Rep Your Box 3 
20 min skill work and mobility
for time:
3 rounds
30 wall-ball (20/16)
30 kettlebell swings (55/35)
5×10 hip extensions


6/16/15: Tuesday: Oly Club Tonight at 7:30pm

   Nate, Chase, Leah, Annie, and Jordan playing (impartial?) referee at Rep Your Box 3 back lever skill work then 3 rounds (fight gone bad style) min 1 max effort squat clean (135/95) min 2 200 m run min 3 50 double unders min 4 max effort strict pull-ups min 5 max effort thrusters (135/95)…