10/21/15: Wednesday

Complete the following in the least amount of sets possible: Handstand Push Ups – 50 kipping 0r 30 strict Pull ups – 100 Reps Rest as needed Banded bench press 10×3 :30 seconds rest between sets Bar Weight @ 50% of 1RM Band Tension (1RM<150=ORANGE, 1RM<250=RED, 1RM>250=BLUE) 7 minute amrap 10 ring dips 5 kettlebell…

10/19/15: Monday

Congrats to CFTC Members, Greg, Jenna, and Terry on Winning  Festivus. Carlos and Brian on their Second Place Finish. 

CrossFit Team Series Workout 7
7 rep max front squat from the floor
deadlift (1.5x bodyweight)
box jump (30″/24″)